News from Bath Recitals

Aisa Ijiri

Where are they now? Aisa Ijiri

In advance of restarting our concert series later this year, we look back at how artists who performed in the early years of Bath Recitals have gone on to develop successful international musical careers. This month we take a look at the amazing Japanese concert pianist and Steinway artist Aisa Ijiri…
Julius Drake

Where are they now? Julius Drake

In a new series we look back at some of the artists whose formative years included performances at Bath Recitals. Today they are household names. This month we find out about pianist Julius Drake…

The Banning of Christmas

It's going to be a very different Christmas for us all this year. But if we had lived in the 17th century it could have been a lot worse, as Tamsin Lewis of Passamezzo explains...

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